Some things I did to prepare for university

1) Check up on the available bursaries, tuition loans and scholarships. Then, apply for those necessary and those that I am eligible for. Remember to check on the terms and conditions. For loans, compare the interest rates. For the CPF Education Scheme, current interest rates for the ordinary account is at 2.50% per annum and the special & Medisave account is at 4.00% per annum. For the Tuition Fee Loan, interest is at average prime rate of the 3 local banks (4.75%).

2) Upload photo, NRIC etc – the personal documents part

3) Go for health check-up. It is a compulsory thing to enter into a local university. For my experience, I had initially thought that it would make me wait as long as I would have to at a local polyclinic but I was wrong. The process was much faster than I had thought. Everything was one after another, hardly any waiting needed and was done very systematically. I was initially lost at the new environment but the staff directed me so I didn’t waste much time. But I suggest not to come within 30 minutes of their closing time as the clinic is likely to close earlier than the stated time to clear off the crowd and to prepare for the next crowd. I think it’s better to do the procedure at the uni’s clinic as it is cheaper than a private one and also you can be sure that none of the necessary procedures will be left out.

4) (I didn’t go but you could) sign up for pre-orientation camps. It is interesting to the fun-loving people and from the pictures, it seems to be adventure-packed with water and land games.

5) Sign up for orientation day. The university is likely to send you an email, inviting you to join. It will be filled with ice-breaker games and introductions to the school. I can’t say much about the details as it hasn’t been orientation day yet.

6) Get ready some things (since it’s the holidays and you may need it). Maybe read through in brief the topics you will learn or buy some nice clothes, stationary or laptop etc