NTU Talk-Managing Set-Backs by Nanz Chong-Komo

This is the second talk that I had attended at NTU and I was indeed glad I had made once a talk a month my plan in NTU. I was inspired by the talk Ms Nanz had gave as it was entertaining, encouraging and educational. I had wanted to sneak a picture of Ms Nanz for memory but was too shy to do so. The talk gave some gifts and also provided us lunch. I had thought that the light lunch they had meant was a tart or pastry but instead, it was a full KFC meal where a shrooms burger, mash potatoe and a crispy original drumstick was given. That was definitely much better than I thought and I didn’t even had to spend any money on lunch today. Well anyways, I definitely didn’t come for the food but for that interesting talk. But sides are well appreciated!


Welcome back :)

Pardon me for welcoming myself but it’s been such a long time that I could even squeeze out time to write a blog post or even to really ponder about what I have been doing, what I have been learning.

It’s probably all an attempt to cover up my laziness but anyways, accept it now.

Ok. Back to the theme:learning.

From my previous posts, I may have mentioned that I am currently an NTU student. But allow me to introduce myself a bit more.

I am a first-year math student studying in NTU. But I am still very much attached to my hobbies; both old and new. I am constantly studying so blogging is only a part-time hobby so now at least and I look for to share my experiences in NTU with everyone.

Currently, my blog posts will focus on the interesting things that I have experienced in NTU but I am sure there are plenty more stuff that I have never seen or known about. Occasionally whenever time permits, I will also post about my other hobbies like baking, knitting, window-shopping, learning Microsoft and many more. Alright now, I shall go ahead and start by formal post in the next post.