Day 24 of Holiday 30May15 – The Big Book Sale

On a good and fine Saturday, Baoyi, Baoyi’s sister(Baoe) and I went to an unbelievable place for book lovers like us. With just $20, we could take as many books as we can carry and fill in a carton. I still can’t believe that all these 50 books from a wide range of themes cost only $20! That makes each book costs only $0.40. Super cheap!

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Day 19 of Holidays 25May15 – Start Work !!

First day of Work and First time working as an administrator.

I signed myself up with an agency and with its help, I have managed to secure an interview with a government-owned company to work as an administrator. I was really excited and a little nervous. It was a good thing the interview was an informal one and I was actually prepared to fail it. I had previously applied as an administrator with other companies but was not successful at the interviews.

Thus, it came as a surprise that I had passed the interview and got the job! Hopefully, I would be able to work well in all aspects of it.

Day 15 of Holiday 21May15 – Outing With BGYS at Junction 8

Wanted to save some money so we ate a simple lunch at a Food Court at Junction 8. Personally, I find that the food at food courts and hawker stores are sometimes better tasting and definitely more reasonably priced than restaurants or cafes. I am more money-conscious that way by preferring to spend less on food but not compromising on getting reasonably full and satisfied.

The shops didn’t create much interest in the three of us but a good chat and some nice-enough food plus the company of really good friends makes this outing a successful one! 🙂


Cereal Fish Rice that comes with egg and cucumber.


Beef Noodles with two sauces.


Teriyaki Chicken (or Pork) with crunchy bean spouts.

Day 14 of Holiday 20May15 – My first baking lesson!

Another very exciting day! My first baking lesson! I really love baking and even thought of taking it to a professional level. But I lack the skills and talent, probably from lack of practice.

I went for Phoon Huat Baking Class and we did Batard Bread and Durian Fudge Cake. It tasted really good. I was the only one without a partner and probably because I was the youngest and seemingly most lost, my teacher baker really helped me a lot. I have learned kneading skills and how to shape the dough to a nice, smooth shape. There were also many tips given. I had also met friendly classmates who chatted with me regarding their baking experience and also answered my baking queries.

I had really enjoyed today’s lesson and hope to master the two bakes. After mastering, I have plans to come back and learn some more! How about making it a once a year activity? That would bring so much joy and fun!

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One clear difference between Debit Card and Credit Card

Recently, I was thinking of getting a credit card as there are some things that are better and cheaper when we buy online. For example, a Korean language book from Korea that cannot be found in Singapore or a size of shoe that is unavailable to tall people.

Therefore, this starts me on a research activity on credit card and its conditions. I have just learned this from the internet. A debit card has almost all the same functions as the credit card except where the money is taken from. You pay with your savings when you use a debit card but you borrow in small amounts from the bank when you use a credit card.

No wonder! I was thinking why is it so much easier to apply for a debit card and not a credit card. There are so many other monetary conditions such as annual pay (the least I saw was $30,000) and annual fee which obviously excludes the jobless and students. I think this is to ensure that payments would be done promptly. But, there seems to have more discounts with a credit card too.

Still, in my opinion, it is better to deduct payments from savings. A good pay may not last with you forever. Most importantly, the pain of spending must be felt to not be a spendthrift. There can be occasions where we want to pamper ourselves a bit more but I think this should come from the surplus in our savings and not from the possibility of using next month’s salary. The more debt we have, the less savings we can help as we use more of next month’s salary to pay for this month’s bill.

In conclusion, I may get a debit card. 🙂

Day 12 of Holiday 18May15

My primary school best friend, Christabel, has finally graduated from polytechnic!! I am so happy for her. She had in mind not to invite anyone as she probably didn’t want to trouble her friends to specially come down for her special event. I, myself, only knew of this just one night before she had graduated and didn’t even prepare a gift for her. But we took many group photos and I became a photographer that day 🙂

Another primary school best friend, Yingfen, asked me when I graduate, they would go and celebrate with me. Ah…I am so excited for that day after seeing how it’s like for Christabel. But it’s going to be almost 4 years till my graduation ceremony so I would be celebrating Yingfen’s first. 🙂

I have never knew that a graduation ceremony could be so fun and emotional. I found myself enjoying it as though it was mine. I had also imagined my feelings when I had received my A’level results just last year. That time, I didn’t think I would do well but still anticipated impossible high scores. Ah…those emotions!