Random Memories of NTU

Receiving the Exam Pack from SPMS


Joining the Korean Cultural Society’s Welcome Tea 2015

2015-08-14 18.03.22

At the Last Session of Korean Language Program. (I was not inside the picture as I had left earlier.)

2015-10-28 14.16.20

Random Scenery taken on the way to Canteen 2

2015-09-04 10.58.28

My Google Shirt! Received after completing the Udacity Course – Android Development for Beginners. I knew of this course through the NTU email.

2015-11-03 04.29.54

Random Scenery photo on the way to somewhere in school. (which I have forgotten…hehe)

2016-01-20 12.27.43

The new garden built in NTU – feels like a Rooftop garden.

2016-01-22 12.36.11

This is a shortcut to take the Campus Rider.

2016-01-27 15.19.10

Nanyang Arts Festival 2016 with dance performances and selling their handicraft work.

2016-02-04 15.11.25


My First Birthday present from a uni friend! (2016)

2016-03-10 09.32.33.jpg

First time getting transcript from NTU (Year 2 Sem 2 for Exchange)

2016-03-20 17.29.00.jpg


Last Day of LK9003 Korean Class Group Photo (April 2016)

2016-05-23 16.25.08.png

Getting my GEM Discoverer file and the GEM Discoverer card with important contacts

2016-05-20 12.52.36.jpg




NTU Food

A compilation of the food eaten in NTU (that I have remembered to take pictures of). I will update the details and post more NTU food pictures when I have them.

Some additional points:

  • I find that the food in Canteen 2 tasted the best and is the most conveniently located out of all the other hall canteens.
  • Food posted below are what I personally find more delicious than other food. 🙂
  • Level of deliciousness not in any particular ranking below ^^
  • Numbering below indicates how recent I have eaten it.

1. Canteen 13 or 14 Fast-Food Stall (Heard it has been replaced)

2015-08-20 13.20.30

2. Starbucks at Northspine

2015-09-01 13.53.52

3. Ayam (Chicken) Penyet at Canteen 2 Price $4.50

2015-09-03 13.37.12

4. Chicken with spaghetti at Canteen 2 Price $4+

2015-09-04 11.07.10

5. Dumpling Noodle Soup at Canteen 2 Price $3+

2015-10-30 11.39.29

6. KFC breakfast set

2016-01-19 08.47.46

7. Korean Bulgogi at Quad Cafe (Entire Quad Cafe has closed down) Price $4+

2016-01-19 15.00.18

8. Pizza at the Pizza Shop in NTU, MIA

2016-01-20 13.16.33

2016-01-20 12.58.15

9. Roasted Chicken with Chili and Rice at North Spine Canteen Price $4+

2015-09-01 13.00.48

10. Beef Noodles at Canteen 2 $4

2016-02-24 11.53.43.jpg

11. Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice (That particular shop has been replaced) at Canteen B, Koufu $3.50

2016-02-25 11.27.55.jpg

12. Ramen with Extra Egg at Canteen 16 $5 +

2016-03-29 11.59.40.jpg

13. Japanese Curry Rice with Fish Cutlet and Extra Rice at Canteen 16 $5.50 ($0.50 for extra rice)

2016-03-29 11.59.35.jpg

2016-03-29 11.59.56.jpg

14. Zion Miso Ramen at Canteen 16 $5.20


15. Saba Fish set at Canteen 13 $5


Touring Singapore – Chinatown and Esplanade

I toured Chinatown and Esplanade on a Tuesday but if you were to tour Chinatown on a Saturday, you might want to consider my Saturday Itinerary.





In my case, I didn’t go for the ‘Footprints of our Forefathers’ free tour and did not eat at the Chinatown Complex/Maxwell Road Hawker Centre. I also didn’t tour the entire Chinatown as I also wanted to visit Esplanade Library to study.

Some information about ‘Footprints of our Forefathers’:




2016-02-01 13.29.40

5FootWay inn  – I did come across this inn while researching on Chinatown. Not sure if it’s good though.

2016-02-01 13.34.282016-02-01 13.42.012016-02-01 13.48.472016-02-01 13.52.022016-02-01 13.56.05

After a short walk in Chinatown, I proceeded to Chinatown Point for my dessert time. Notice the Chinatown Library? I have read that it specializes on Chinese Books (well, it’s Chinatown) so it might be an interesting library to experience Chinese culture by reading.

2016-02-01 14.00.33

The dessert shop that I was looking for – Mei Heong Yuan Dessert. I have read somewhere that this is shop that was recommended to Japanese tourists which seemed true since I had seen 3 groups of Japanese tourists there while I was eating.

Location of All outlets: http://www.meiheongyuendessert.com.sg/index.php/location

Menu: http://www.meiheongyuendessert.com.sg/index.php/our-menu

2016-02-01 14.05.36

I tried the Mango Snow Ice which was recommended online. I liked everything about the dessert except for the cube mangoes at the side which were too sour for me.

2016-02-01 14.11.00

Some interesting art piece at Promenade MRT Station. (Actually, I think I have seen it at the Art Museum before but I could be wrong.)

2016-02-01 15.04.182016-02-01 15.12.242016-02-01 15.17.452016-02-01 15.18.592016-02-01 15.20.532016-02-01 15.22.412016-02-01 15.23.492016-02-01 15.24.482016-02-01 15.24.522016-02-01 15.28.24

I went to this library to study as it was recommended online as one of the quiet study spots in Singapore. This is a beautiful library that had the performing arts as its theme. There was a space for dancing, playing the piano and many of its collection included music.

It is a conducive place to study for me to study 3 hours straight well and I had finished my Korean assignments. Only weakness is that to reach the library, you would have to walk quite a distance – passing the malls, the theatre and the art exhibitions. When I had left at evening time, I had managed to catch a group of performers near the theatre area. Really nice place to have a walk(many malls are linked), study at the library then end off with watching a free evening performance.

2016-02-01 15.28.362016-02-01 17.25.522016-02-01 18.29.292016-02-01 18.29.502016-02-01 18.34.11