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Tips to use Star Planner on iNTU

There is no need to register your courses yourself on Year 1 Sem 1. But you are welcome to add more if you like. Guideline for freshmen here. Guideline for non-freshmen here.

1. Release of Exam Results and Date to register for next sem’s courses (usually)

  • Sem 1: All in Dec
  • Sem 2: Results released in May and register for courses during June – Jul.

Each major has its own registration date and within the same major, it is possible for students to have different registration dates. Hence, it is important to check your personalized day and time for registration.

You may have a look at the dates for registration for Sem 1, AY 2016-2017 or here.

Note: There is a specialized timing for registration (in Singapore time, of course) and the fastest fingers (or those with best connection) get the course they want.

2. How to check if a course is offered in the sem that I am registering for?

There are a two methods (that I know of).

First method (which is the fastest and most accurate):

Just type the course code into the star planner and click plan. If the course is offered, there will be options for you to choose the time slot.

Another method. Before the release of the class schedule for the particular sem, go to the class schedule page:


Use the reference of past sem. Usually, if a course is offered during the last sem 1, you should be able to register for the same course in this sem 1. Same for sem 2.

Bonus method (if the above two methods fail) – may not be 100% accurate:

Check the exam papers. If all the available exam papers are in sem 2 then most likely, the course is only offered in sem 2.

3. Save three best plans with Plan 1 being the best of the best one.

Yup, as mentioned earlier, the faster you click enter at the exact time, the higher the chances of getting the course you want. There were times when I didn’t get the timing I wanted even though I clicked exactly at the start of the registration time. My friend thought it was rather kaisu but with hundreds (i think) clicking for limited good timings, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Note: No point clicking before the timing. Not even one minute before. The system only works exactly at the time stated.

But definitely take note whether the star planner page is still ‘working’. As in, after a few minutes on the star planner page, the page needs to be re-opened again. Don’t get shocked by the need to do so at the most important moment.


There are a few things to note when planning which course to take in the sem.

  • whether it is offered (point 2 above)
  • whether it fulfills graduation requirements (Hence, best plan all your 3/4 years at the same time from the start. You could also decide whether you want a minor or not.)
  • total AU taken (cannot be above 20 AU for spms students unless overload (+3 AU))
  • whether the timing of the courses overlaps
  • which are compulsory courses needed to graduate
  • the prerequisite to take the course

4. Focus on the getting the cores

When registering your courses, the result for cores comes out immediately (after you hit enter). For  General Education Requirement Prescribed Electives (GERPE) & Unrestricted Electives (UE), there is a ballot system and the result comes out much later (in Aug, just before classes start). In addition, you will get up to 5 choices for selecting UE and which you would have to rank them when you register for them so get them ready too. But whether you can get all 5 or none is another thing. If you managed to get more UE courses then you wish. No worries. You can drop those courses during the add/drop period. For GERPE, you will also have up to 5 choices and have to decide in which category of GERPE you want/ the course is in.

5. Helpful websites to plan your schedule.

– Class Schedule:


– List of GERPE (check if a course can be counted as gerpe and in which category):


– Content of Courses:


– List of Minors:


– NTU Exam Papers (check the level of difficulty before taking):


Extra note: Sometimes, schools do draft out a sample plan or a guideline plan for students to follow. I suggest using them as they include all the compulsory parts you need to graduate. The plan usually allows flexibility for example, they may mention, take one gerpe this sem in the plan but not state which one to take.

– Link to guideline for Math students (because I am one):


For math students, we choose our math specialization track during Year 2 sem 1 and start to choose more specialized courses for our track starting from sem 2.

Preparing for Summer Exchange (NTU student perspective) – applying part 2

Part 1: https://tweetygrace94.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/preparing-for-summer-exchange-ntu-student-perspective/

Part 3: https://tweetygrace94.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/preparing-for-summer-exchange-ntu-student-perspective-applying-part-3/

Application Accepted

On the 29 April, I have realized that the application status has changed to this (as seen above). On a side note, I have only realized this because my kind exchange mate whatsapp us and informed us of this joyous news. Hence, application status could have been changed earlier (maybe). I believed this was when I can be sure I am admitted to the summer exchange programme.

Then on 4 May 2016, I have received an email from Ajou’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) that my admission is confirmed and the email also included information that would be sent together with the admission package that I am awaiting to receive. Many important questions such as what would they provide in the hostel, when to pay the fees, some orientation details etc are answered. In addition, according to the email, if the participants did not upload some documents successfully (e.g. profile photo), the admission package will only be sent out after all the documents are uploaded successfully. You will receive a notification email if such changes are needed.

At this moment, the list of subjects offered to exchange students are updated on Ajou’s page and since my admission is also a success, I went ahead to do course matching with NTU. There is a need to get NTU’s approval before seeking Ajou’s approval.

Status: pending.

For those who have not got their air tickets and insurance, I suggest getting now before seats are really gone. As for me, I need to check with the airlines to change my departure date and purchase insurance. NTU requires all exchange students to get some form of insurance from date of departure to date of arrival (including the extra days we arrive earlier for some extra fun). There is a certain amount of coverage NTU requires us to have and I am not sure if the minimum required coverage is the same for all exchange students so please check it yourselves. 🙂 I think if we don’t get enough coverage, NTU does not allow us to transfer our credits back.


* As seen above, the requirements for insurance coverage for NTU – Ajou summer exchange 2016.

You may visit this page for more info on the particular insurance in the screenshot.

For NTU students, there is this United Overseas Insurance (UOI) insurance benefit where students can buy insurance at discounted price and it will fit all the requirements needed by the school. Another good thing is that we are entitled to this benefit even after graduation.

Insurance link: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/SAO/Pages/Overseas-Travel.aspx

Disclaimer: I have never tried this insurance before and am just providing information on this post.

Let’s backtrack a little on the part on the admission confirmation email. Even though my admission is confirmed by both NTU and Ajou, there is one more thing left (I hope ><) before my participation is really confirmed! There is an online survey that I would have to submit before 20 May 2016 before my admission is confirmed. (I am going to submit that after my air ticket issues are settled.)

* All of the above are true in my knowledge at 5 May 2016 🙂 — Post to be continued.