NTU’s Malay Food Appreciation

Went for mine first hall activity today! The Malay Food Appreciation! The talk was led by Ms Rita Zahara. It didn’t start off well as she was caught in a jam and got lost in the campus so we started the talk 1 hour later from the expected starting time. However, I did learn quite a lot of new things about the Muslim Malay Culture including of course, Halal food. She mentioned how poultry ingredients used for Halal food have to be killed in a more humane way i.e. killed with one attempt and not multiple attempts. She also mentioned how it is not easy to attain the halal certificate. The person-in-charge must be a Muslim Malay (definitely must be a Muslim) so that he/she would be well-aware of how to prepare the food in the appropriate way suitable for Muslim Malay to consume (as compared to a non-Muslim and non-Malay person). Even after attaining the halal certificate, there will also be strict monitoring done at least for the next three months to ensure that the establishment has fulfilled the requirements to be halal certified. In fact, the person-in-charge needs to be halal certified (as to how, she did not elaborate and I have forgotten to ask). An example that she has mentioned was that if halal certified food touches the liquid of non-halal certified food, the initial halal certified food is no longer halal certified.

After the short 1/2 to 1 hour discussion, we proceeded to taste Ms Zahara’s food for dinner!


There were so much food for all of us. I think a total of 10-15 students and staff were there. Food such as salad with two types of sauces (not even on her menu), salmon on stick with special chili sauce, creamy potato on a spoon designed by her, authentic Malay rice with ikan bilis, three types of very delicious Malay ingredients stuffed swiss roll cakes and Roselle Tea. How can one not like this spread! Even a person like me who dislikes the nyonya kueh loved all three of the swiss roll type cakes so much that I went for seconds!


This lady above introduced the food to us and taught us how to eat the salad they specially prepared for us. Pour the sauce then shake the salad all together like shaker fries. Yum! Even more yummy with the Malay rice. I think I scooped 6-7 times of the rice 🙂


Above: Before shaking the salad.


Above: After shaking the salad with the sauce and taking the creamy egg potato! Huge love for the potato 🙂


Awesome beverage to complement tonight’s dinner. The tea was refreshing and quench thirst very well. Went for two cups of this too!


Above: What was left in the end after about 1/2 – 1 hour. Food was so good that people wanted to take the reminders home.

More information about the speaker tonight can be seen here. I screenshot it from the application information page.capture

She had also introduced us her catering business tonight called AMGD. You can find more information on http://www.amgd.sg

One regret I definitely had tonight was that I was far too shy to speak out. I did not even spoke or asked anything to anyone. I felt out-of-place as I had came alone and almost everyone (except for a Canadian Exchange Student) came with their friends. I almost felt too shy to even look at people lol. I need to get out there and mingle with more people to get rid of my social phobia. Working on that in progress as of now 🙂