Taiwan 7 Days 6 Nights Itinerary (16 July 2017 – 22 July 2017)

I was in Taiwan for 8 days due to a knee injury and had to delay my flight by 24 hours. However, in the past 7 days 6 nights that I was in Taiwan, I had enjoyed good sunny weather and was able to achieve much of my planned itinerary. This has got to be our family’s most YOLO trip ever since we took only 3 weeks to book, plan and decide on everything as compared to the 6 months we took to book, plan and decide on the 2 months Korea trip. But perhaps due to the lack of time to add in more details for the directions, we heavily relied on Google Maps and also asked the locals many times for their help.

I will be sharing the places that I have went in Taiwan briefly in this post and may further elaborate it in future posts.

This itinerary was explored in Taiwan from 16 July 2017 (Sun) – 22 July 2017 (Sat). Everyday in Taiwan was sunny (sometimes too hot till we got sunburn) unlike the weather forecast which predicted heavy rains every single day.

Day 1 Sunday 16 July 2017

Taipei 101
Tonghua Night Market

2017-07-16 12.01.542017-07-16 17.26.002017-07-16 18.27.002017-07-16 18.27.112017-07-16 19.12.40

Day 2 Monday 17 July 2017

National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Raohe Night Market & Wufenpu

2017-07-17 11.21.282017-07-17 11.27.392017-07-17 11.28.382017-07-17 11.30.212017-07-17 11.40.412017-07-17 11.42.012017-07-17 13.28.132017-07-17 14.29.272017-07-17 15.16.452017-07-17 15.17.072017-07-17 15.51.452017-07-17 15.55.042017-07-17 17.43.492017-07-17 17.44.28

Day 3 Tuesday 18 July 2017


2017-07-18 09.52.352017-07-18 11.51.202017-07-18 12.06.512017-07-18 12.07.452017-07-18 12.11.412017-07-18 12.41.182017-07-18 12.51.472017-07-18 13.00.262017-07-18 13.10.532017-07-18 13.20.482017-07-18 13.22.302017-07-18 13.22.352017-07-18 13.22.442017-07-18 13.24.152017-07-18 14.31.032017-07-18 14.45.262017-07-18 14.55.572017-07-18 15.32.552017-07-18 15.36.022017-07-18 15.40.422017-07-18 15.41.282017-07-18 15.42.162017-07-18 15.52.432017-07-18 16.56.482017-07-18 17.05.412017-07-18 17.07.032017-07-18 17.07.102017-07-18 17.18.262017-07-18 18.07.43

Day 4 Wednesday 19 July 2017

Flying Cow Ranch

2017-07-19 08.47.052017-07-19 14.54.472017-07-19 14.55.292017-07-19 15.03.492017-07-19 15.22.252017-07-19 15.22.282017-07-19 15.50.172017-07-19 18.10.36

Day 5 Thursday 20 July 2017

Yangmingsan (Zhuzihu, Xiaoyoukeng and Qingtiangang)
Shilin Night Market
Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

2017-07-20 11.46.212017-07-20 11.52.422017-07-20 14.02.272017-07-20 14.03.572017-07-20 14.19.592017-07-20 14.38.002017-07-20 14.43.572017-07-20 15.12.122017-07-20 15.22.122017-07-20 17.32.582017-07-20 17.42.372017-07-20 19.24.11

Day 6 Friday 21 July 2017

Yehliu Geopark
National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

2017-07-21 11.48.032017-07-21 11.51.002017-07-21 12.26.222017-07-21 12.27.492017-07-21 12.27.552017-07-21 12.28.072017-07-21 12.31.142017-07-21 12.32.172017-07-21 12.36.492017-07-21 12.37.282017-07-21 16.24.022017-07-21 16.24.192017-07-21 16.43.582017-07-21 16.49.072017-07-21 18.16.40


Thoughts while Planning Taiwan Trip for Family

This has got to be the most YOLO trip my family and I have ever had. Decided to go, agreed on it as a family then proceeded to planned and booked everything till to the date of actually departing for Taiwan in just about 1 month. This is a huge contrast to the 6 months I took to plan for the Korea trip we had as a family on last year’s summer (planned it together with the exchange program). Perhaps it could be because this is a relatively short trip of 1 week as compared to the 2 months I had stayed in Korea.

I had initially planned this Taiwan trip as my first SOLO trip and was happily thinking of which backpacking hostel to stay in. However, my parents have decided to join along and I have also decided that my experience with solo travels can be postponed to further notice.

In this blog post, I will be jotting down some thoughts and objectives I have for this Taiwan Trip as it would be good for reminder and reviewing in the future!

  1. My parents don’t travel often as it is a huge expense plus they are more than half of 100 years old now so every travel experience is rare and precious. Have to make it memorable and well-worth the price paid!
  2. That said, many activities cannot be too adventurous or something that requires much energy, walking or movement. Not good for the people who don’t exercise!
  3. They also value privacy a lot. Hence, no shared living rooms or shared bathrooms allowed in the trip. Have to make the stay a comfortable one! No night ends without a good well-assured sleep!
  4. Most importantly, as people who love eating, the taste of food will be the crucial factor as to whether the members of this family tour group enjoy their Taiwan Trip.
  5. My parents are also insecure about environments they are unfamiliar with so a well-prepared guide (that’s me) backed up by a detailed itinerary plan is needed to ensure that they will return home safely in one piece!

Jokes aside (only half-joking heh), I am seriously running out of ideas of what to do in Taiwan for 7 Days 6 Nights given the rather strict requirements of fellow travel mates who most probably would complain a lot if things are not done to expectations.

The weather in July in Taiwan is also not exactly known to be ideal so I pray for the best and allow our safety to be in the hands of the Lord.

On the side note, I am ending my temporary job next week! Will be having more time to plan and think deeply of any details that might have been missed out!

Cheers and till the next post!~~