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Things you should hand carry/check-in

Disclaimer: This list is based on my personal experience and there will be more not covered in this list.

Hand carry

1. Lithium batteries

E.g. batteries, power banks, laptops, mobile phones etc. For simplicity, I take it as all devices with lithium batteries. I think we can keep the charger plugs and adapter in check-in luggage.

2. Personal belongings such as money, credit cards (especially the one you used for e.g. to order your wi-fi egg), sweater, passport, disembarkation/embarkation card, hard copy details such as hotel receipt (especially with the hotel address and contact number), air flight receipt, photocopy of identification card. Plus any other things that are not too bulky but extremely important to you.


1. Liquid food stuff

E.g. Kimchi. Even if it’s fully wrapped up nicely and ready to give as souvenirs, you should always put these liquid food items into your check-in luggage. My parents were almost stopped when departing from Korea due to having Kimchi in their hand carry luggage. I was not there when they were stopped by the officer but I heard that the officer almost threw all their Kimchi away. He relent a little after seeing that my mum was with my dad (hence, there was quite an amount) and asked them to put all the Kimchi in a box for check-in.

More information on the restrictions on the carriage of liquids:


Screenshot from: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/us/travel-info/baggage/baggage-restrictions/

Personal Experience: I have seen a guy being stopped before for his sunscreen lotion. Not sure how it was resolved in the end.

2. Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e.g. ice-pick, nail clippers, embroidery, crocheting and knitting needles) considered illegal by local law (but allowed for check-in luggage).

Personal experience: For knitting/crocheting lovers, I suggest bringing plastic needles/hooks instead that have no sharp edges. I have brought my plastic hooks before and they were allowed for hand carry. I really need to do some crocheting as in-flight entertainment and plastic hooks work just as well.


For more information, you may visit this website below.


or alternatively, visit the airline you are travelling with for the airline’s hand carry/check-in restrictions. Also check the country you are travelling to for the country’s local restrictions and other matters such as cultural custom, medical facilities and the location and hotline of your country’s embassy in the arrival country.



Reflection #4Nov2017

Do you communicate with your heart or your mind? It’s weird at how we can’t read minds but can somehow feel what the other person wants us to feel if we were to put in a little effort to feel. Like an overall feeling. But not in exact words. Like happy. But not what exactly is the thing that makes you happy? Well, mostly people are too busy with themselves too so such detail in feeling can’t be given all the time too. So if there is something you want to say, it’s best to just say it. 🙂