My 1st Solo Trip and 2nd Trip to Korea :)

Initially a bit afraid but I definitely enjoyed the trip! Contrary to what I had thought, I did not feel lonely but looked forward to fulfilling every bit of the itinerary. Although I admit I was super tired because I woke up at 6am (KST) and slept after 11pm (KST) every day and was unable to complete 100% of the itinerary (is this a hint for a 3rd trip?), I do not regret going for this trip. Thank God for the safety and good friends who prayed for my safety.

Trip Duration 6 Days 5 Nights, 10 May 2018 – 15 May 2018

Weather: All days had great weather except for Day 3 (12May18) where it rained the whole day and night.

I will provide the brief itinerary on this blog post and will provide more details in future posts.

Day 1:

Check-in Hotel

2018-05-14 08.52.22.jpg

[Stayed 5 Nights at DH Naissance Hotel Dongdaemun]

*Bonus side note*

2018-05-11 08.01.14.jpg

[Love the free daily breakfast at the hotel]


2018-05-10 17.29.12.jpg

[Top view from Ssamzigil (쌈지길)]

Day 2: Daegu using City Tour Bus

2018-05-11 13.14.24.jpg

[Daegu City Tour Bus: Very convenient and cheap to use]

2018-05-11 12.01.07.jpg

[Ate Chicken Gizzard at Pyeonghwa Market]

2018-05-11 13.35.34.jpg

[Visited the Roman Catholic Church along the Modern Cultural Alley]

2018-05-11 15.25.39.jpg

[Took the Cable Car to Mt. Apsan Observatory]

Day 3: Rained the whole day and night 

2018-05-12 11.54.42.jpg

[Tried Shake Shack for the first time]

2018-05-12 15.19.01.jpg

[Bought Tickets to Jeonju from the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합버스터미널)]

2018-05-12 19.08.35.jpg

[Dinner at Myeongdong]

2018-05-12 20.14.51.jpg

[Saw part of DDP Youth Runway Market at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (동대문역사문화공원)]

Day 4: Jeonju Hanok Village

2018-05-13 10.13.50.jpg[Premium Buses had so much leg space]


2018-05-13 11.58.02.jpg

[Reached Jeonju Hanok Village after ~3.5h journey]

2018-05-13 12.23.06.jpg

[Bibimbap for lunch at a Restaurant by myself]

2018-05-13 13.04.47

[Such a lovely afternoon with a cup of cappuccino]

2018-05-13 13.57.19.jpg

[The importance of selfie stick in a solo travel]

Day 5: Lotte World

2018-05-14 10.36.08.jpg

[Spent the whole day at Lotte World indoor and outdoor amusement park]

2018-05-14 13.31.47.jpg

[Amusement Park food is awesome in Korea]

Day 6 – Incheon Airport

2018-05-15 13.24.08.jpg

[Even the food court at the airport is awesome]


2018-05-15 14.11.29.jpg

[Wise choice of early Check-in and watched a few traditional performances]

2018-05-16 12.14.07.jpg

[Hanji Fan Making for Foreigners]

*Home Sweet Home*

Super tired due to the packed itinerary (note: there are more activities in my original itinerary!!) but super fun and happy!! ^^