17 Days into my first job

Entering my first meeting 1h after signing the contract.

Waking up at 5+am to meet my colleague at 6 am for Grab to start work at 6.30 am.

Reaching the office the earliest to open doors for the cleaner.

4 days into work – Responsible for a huge project with initial deadline 1 week later.

Sleeping like 4.5 hours to edit 7-9 articles after work hours to be ready by 9am next day.

Getting accused of drinking too much water causing the lack of water.

Getting shouted for not knowing where my colleague went without his phone.

And getting scolded for not being to read my director’s mind.

Worst, getting disliked for existing in the office.

Expected to boil water when it’s the cleaner’s job. Explained then demanded to switch off the coffee maker when my colleague could have done so.

Ended up sighing too much. Which my mum says it is a sore in the eye.

Not to mention, how my mum texts me about how she wants to cut my dinner allowance just 1 week after starting work. After reaching home at 11pm.

Shouted by the intern.

Intern asked me why I stay back late in the office.

Too tired till I had to skip a few social activities/classes.

Getting more hot-tempered and intolerant which makes me more detestable.

Unable to smile sincerely. Only frown naturally.

Became a workaholic who cannot stop talking and thinking about work.

So tired really.

Realised why adults always say work is tough.