5 months into my first job

Just past my 5th month job anniversary 3 days ago.

I still don’t find myself completely adjusted yet. Sometimes, though less, I would lament to my friends/family. Just recently, I felt so discouraged that I cried tears.

But if I were to choose again, I would still have chosen the same path. Still would have taken on this job. Hence, I will not quit, not now at least.

The reason is that although I don’t know everything about the job, I feel confident to improve. Feel confident to learn something. Feel like I am doing something and feel like my pay though not high, is satisfactory.

Many have expressed their surprise at how fast 5 months have passed. But I think differently. I have really struggled and tried hard at persevering. It wasn’t that fast and not that easy to me. From staying back until 9.30pm to finish my minutes, coming back on weekends to complete work, organising the Annual General Meeting to dealing with colleagues etc, it was definitely not a smooth journey.

Just to recap:

2 months

  • completed annual report (liaised with all colleagues on event write-up, designer and copywriter etc)

3 months

  • completed organizing AGM 90% by myself (achieved quorum! smooth transition of slides etc.) – wrote my first admin brief, asked the lawyer about my company’s Consitution with my boss and gave an update about AGM progress to the Ex-Co

4 months

  • tidied the ends of AGM/started preparation for Ex-Co and Council meeting
  • received a pay raise

5 months

  • completed 1st Ex-Co and Council meeting
  • wrote Ex-Co minutes for the first time
  • recognised every Council member by face, company and voice etc

6 months  (not yet)

  • participated in the setting the questions for Tech Business Survey 2019
  • successfully concluded organizing the Council Retreat


I can’t even count the number of times I was scolded for things I did and did not. Sometimes I get hot-tempered because of this and have an urge to scold others. Once or twice nearly cursed. But I am still there. Did not tender. Did not miss a day of work. Have not taken a day of leave yet. Because I believe I can do it. Because I believe things will get better.

By the way, I got brave and ambitious and signed myself up for Japanese Class. Starting the first lesson tomorrow. xp