My 23rd Birthday (2017)

Today (21 March 2017) is my 23rd Birthday and I find that as compared to my 21st Birthday or any other Birthdays I have celebrated, this is the happiest Birthday I have ever had. Hence, although the following might sound a bit like a bragging (although there really is nothing to boast at all) post, I would like to post my experiences on my personal blog. It is a learning blog after all. ~~

First of all, although today is my Birthday, I did not do anything special like having a party with friends or visiting any unusual place. I skipped my lunch and ate all my meals alone today. I also spent the day revising and writing my report. Neither do I feel especially happy and yes, I do feel a little lonely and upset that no one has asked me out for a meal. Even my roommate has not wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. Nonetheless, there are still things to be happy about.

1) I had two Birthday cakes this year (or one and a half cakes). First one was with the Korean Language Programme. There was another member whose Birthday was only two days away from mine and hence, they celebrated both our Birthdays together with a milo/chocolate cake. We still cannot figure out the actual flavour of the cake and did not ask the buyer. Hehe.

Celebrating Birthday with another 21 year old girl. Hence, 22 candles. Haha.

2017-03-15 21.27.002017-03-15 21.27.012017-03-15 21.27.182017-03-15 21.27.30-1

Celebrating Birthday with my parents!

2017-03-19 08.58.19


2017-03-17 18.28.50

Salted Egg Prawns

2017-03-17 18.29.06

Chili Crab

2017-03-17 18.29.58

2) I got a few wishes from friends voluntarily (more than 20 wishes which is awesome). There was even a wish at 12 am. Though he says it was because he happened to be online at that time, it was still awesome. I mean, being online at 12 am does not equate to being willing to wish me at 12 am.

3) I got a few Birthday presents this year from three friends. This is rare because I usually received only a present from my mum. One chocolate from a Korean during the party, five packets of stickers from my roommate (which she bought it from those who knock our door and sell stickers for charity. She also didn’t give me with a very nice attitude as she said either I took it because she knew I like stickers or she could take them home and let them collect dust.) and a rabbit stuff toy and a card holder from my course mate and a water bottle from my mum. Well, I guess you can also count the packet of nuts my mother gave me as a Birthday present too since she never specially buy nuts for me.

Some of the presents which I took a photo of.

2017-03-15 21.31.222017-03-15 23.15.412017-03-20 02.57.092017-03-20 11.31.47

Yup, three good things for me to think about while I proceed to write my report due tomorrow (was given only two-three days to write) and hope I will feel better in all the loneliness I am feeling now.



Just when I thought I was going to spend my Birthday alone with my laptop, my roommate came back with a yummy tiramisu cake.

2017-03-21 19.54.032017-03-21 19.54.25

The cake was already flopped when I opened the box. But never mind, I managed to push it straight up and the taste was delicious, perhaps even more delicious because I was eating it on my Birthday. My first cake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

2017-03-21 19.55.01


NTU’s Malay Food Appreciation

Went for mine first hall activity today! The Malay Food Appreciation! The talk was led by Ms Rita Zahara. It didn’t start off well as she was caught in a jam and got lost in the campus so we started the talk 1 hour later from the expected starting time. However, I did learn quite a lot of new things about the Muslim Malay Culture including of course, Halal food. She mentioned how poultry ingredients used for Halal food have to be killed in a more humane way i.e. killed with one attempt and not multiple attempts. She also mentioned how it is not easy to attain the halal certificate. The person-in-charge must be a Muslim Malay (definitely must be a Muslim) so that he/she would be well-aware of how to prepare the food in the appropriate way suitable for Muslim Malay to consume (as compared to a non-Muslim and non-Malay person). Even after attaining the halal certificate, there will also be strict monitoring done at least for the next three months to ensure that the establishment has fulfilled the requirements to be halal certified. In fact, the person-in-charge needs to be halal certified (as to how, she did not elaborate and I have forgotten to ask). An example that she has mentioned was that if halal certified food touches the liquid of non-halal certified food, the initial halal certified food is no longer halal certified.

After the short 1/2 to 1 hour discussion, we proceeded to taste Ms Zahara’s food for dinner!


There were so much food for all of us. I think a total of 10-15 students and staff were there. Food such as salad with two types of sauces (not even on her menu), salmon on stick with special chili sauce, creamy potato on a spoon designed by her, authentic Malay rice with ikan bilis, three types of very delicious Malay ingredients stuffed swiss roll cakes and Roselle Tea. How can one not like this spread! Even a person like me who dislikes the nyonya kueh loved all three of the swiss roll type cakes so much that I went for seconds!


This lady above introduced the food to us and taught us how to eat the salad they specially prepared for us. Pour the sauce then shake the salad all together like shaker fries. Yum! Even more yummy with the Malay rice. I think I scooped 6-7 times of the rice 🙂


Above: Before shaking the salad.


Above: After shaking the salad with the sauce and taking the creamy egg potato! Huge love for the potato 🙂


Awesome beverage to complement tonight’s dinner. The tea was refreshing and quench thirst very well. Went for two cups of this too!


Above: What was left in the end after about 1/2 – 1 hour. Food was so good that people wanted to take the reminders home.

More information about the speaker tonight can be seen here. I screenshot it from the application information page.capture

She had also introduced us her catering business tonight called AMGD. You can find more information on

One regret I definitely had tonight was that I was far too shy to speak out. I did not even spoke or asked anything to anyone. I felt out-of-place as I had came alone and almost everyone (except for a Canadian Exchange Student) came with their friends. I almost felt too shy to even look at people lol. I need to get out there and mingle with more people to get rid of my social phobia. Working on that in progress as of now 🙂

Memories of food in Korea – part 2: restaurant edition

Sure, market street food in Korea tastes good but there are also plenty of nice restaurants in Korea serving both affordable and delicious food. Of course, in my (approximately) 2 month stay in Korea, I couldn’t have visited even an ant fraction of the restaurants in Korea but here are some of the ones I would like to share.

Was in Korea from 16 June 2016 to 6 Aug 2016. Recorded below are some of those restaurants I have visited between 17 June 2016 to 26 June 2016. This was the period where I went around Korea completely free-and-easy and hence, I know the details of the restaurant and price better. The rest of my stay in Korea was with an exchange program and I just simply followed whatever that was planned for us. May continue to update the rest of the list on this same blog post. 🙂

1. Han’s Deli

This is a restaurant targeted at students so prices are very pleasant for the pocket. We had cheese donkatsu (6,300 won), sweet potato cheese donkatsu (6,500 won) and spam army stew (6,900 won) with 3 big glasses of mango peach juice (7,800 won for 3). Portions are very satisfying and fulfilling but enough space for a bit of dessert in my opinion (we went for bingsu after that). It seems like the restaurants in Korea are really generous with the amount of cheese they include in the meal too. 🙂 We went to the Myeongdong branch for lunch and there was no queue. The ordering system is the same as fast food; order at the counter, pay then collect them yourself when ready.

2. Yoogane

A really popular restaurant but just come a little earlier like maybe 5.30pm or 6pm and I think seats will be readily available. We ate at the Myeongdong branch for dinner.

First, the menu.


We ordered cheese dalgalbi medium size (23,000 won) and an assorted side dish that comes with some added ingredients and ramen (4,000 won). It was definitely enough for 3 adults. Do take note that the top five on the left page are written in per pax price and some require a minimum of 2 servings (hence, 3 people would be required to get 3 servings).


Look at the generous serving of cheese that was so satisfyingly poured out from a jug. As for spicy level, it was definitely spicy with sweetness but not overly spicy like chili padi. I usually eat level 1 spicy level for Monster Curry (Japanese curry) and ate this delicious dalgalbi with pleasure.

Also showcasing the unlimited optional side dishes, cheese and the ramen.


3. 마시아

A neighbourhood restaurant selling reasonably priced home-styled delicious food. We ate at this restaurant which name I believe translates to the Korean pronunciation of delicious at the residential building connected to Mapo subway station. Each of the food ordered below costs about 7,000-7,500 won. Yum Yum ~~

4. Mukshidonna 먹쉬돈나

Another really popular restaurant that had appeared in so many blogs during my research for the Korea trip. We didn’t have to queue even though we went there at dinner time. Food was indeed delicious and cheap. We should have ordered more when we were there but I was needlessly worried about the finances so we had only ordered a main ingredient each and plus additional ramen. I need to go back there and order to my heart’s content.



5. 춘천집 닭갈비 막국수

A famous place for their dalgalbi. I believe the most famous item on the menu would be the cheese dalgalbi but we had been eating that for twice or thrice so I ordered sotong dalgalbi instead. During my research, I had seen many others ordering fried rice after eating dalgalbi and thought of trying it too but we ate too much (or practically everything) that the fried rice became really dry and plain. The fried rice idea is good, just remember to leave some ingredients and sauce haha. Still yummy though~ We ate this ate the Sinchon Branch.



Something you might want to take note is the waiters/waitresses are very busy and might not have the patience to listen to your order. I told him that I wanted the sotong dalgalbi in Korean but he must have presumed that we would like the boneless dalgalbi (which might be delicious too but not what I want that day). It was a good thing I had checked that he ticked the correct one.


6. Bongchu Jjimdak

Braised chicken with carrots, potatoes and the very important glass noodles with a hot steaming bowl of rice. Yum! There are scissors provided to cut the glass noodles into smaller servings to share. The jjimdak was well marinated and the ingredients were also very tender and soft. The serving below was too big for us 3 adults to finish unfortunately. We ate this at the Hongdae Branch.




7. Oriential Restaurant (Everland Food)

First, the menu.


Clearly, not the cheapest food you can find in Korea but definitely a lot better in terms of value and variety as compared to theme parks and places of interests in Singapore. The food was nice to eat, fulfilling and satisfying. Restaurant had nice ambience too. There were plenty of seats as there were two dinning areas in this restaurant and the queue was efficient in serving our orders. We chose the food that we wanted and queued up in the same queue with our tray to get our food part by part. There are extra food available outside of the menu like extra rice, drinks, salad etc.

8. Tosokchon Samgyetang

A shop famous for their samgyetang (boiled chicken soup that often came with ginseng in it). We had this near the Gyeongbokgung Palace.



One of my regrets would be that we did not try a seafood pancake (need not be from this shop) in Korea. However, to be honest, we were too full from eating a boiled chicken each.

There are more food on the menu than what was shown above but the main dish of the shop would be the tosokchon ginseng chicken soup. I have read that others usually try both the white and black chicken soup to taste the difference but many have written that there is only a slight difference (I think I have read that they find the black chicken to be a bit more tender than the white chicken but I did not try the black chicken when I was there.) It also did not seem worth to pay 6,000 more won for a bit more of ginseng powder on top of the white chicken so I opt for the Tosokchon Ginseng (white) chicken soup for my parents and me. It was most apt for us (in my opinion) to have this dish on the day 7 of our trip since we had indeed walk a lot for the past few days and needed some more nourishing to brace ourselves for the next 4 free-and-easy days (my parents left on day 11).


Look at how big the ginseng is in the chicken! Makes me feel that the pricey 16,000 won is really well spent.


Complimentary ginseng wine (the small cup – one per main) was provided for each meal. We did not add in the chicken soup. I really can’t remember if there was complimentary tea given.


9. Abiko Curry

To be honest, I do not like this curry. The Japanese curry sold in this restaurant just don’t taste quite right to me and I shall not elaborate too much.


First of all, I have to say I had misunderstood the menu. I thought if the curry rice was this pricey like almost 10,000 won and with name this nice like beef curry rice or mushroom curry rice, there would be more ingredients in it or maybe would be suited as a meal on its own with extra toppings optional. This could be a silly mistake on hindsight but I do not like the taste of this shop’s curry anyways (even the sides are …).

 10. Food court (Incheon International Airport)

Not a restaurant but I like the food that we had ordered there so I shall just include it here. There are replica food place outside of the food court. Choose your food, pay at the counter (a main counter meant for collecting orders), get your ticket/buzzer and collect your food at the food counter when ready. If I didn’t remember wrongly, each main food is priced at around 10,000 won each.


Memories of food in Korea – part 1: market/street food edition

Ah, food in Korea! It has been two months since I have been back home and I still look at the food pictures and videos in Korea. They all taste pretty good, some better than average but in my opinion, I have not tasted anything extremely bad (well, I wasn’t that adventurous but it is definitely possible to find delicious food everywhere).

Part 1 will be on market/street food edition. These are places where you can find food at cheap prices and delicious too. However, store vendors often don’t know any English at all so it could be hard to communicate if you have no knowledge of Korean.

Note: Do research more on when the markets will be opened.

1. Gongdeok market – a place for jeons

I had first knew of this market from:



This market sells deep fried food at cheap prices like perhaps 500 won for a cheaper piece. They are deep fried and displayed out there for customers to choose. After choosing them, pass to the owner and she will pan fried (with lots of oil) to warm up the food. You may also order other food from their menu. For example, rice and cola. I went there on my first day first lunch with my parents. Such food were meant to match with alcoholic drinks. Thus, I am guessing that was why there were not that many people during lunch time. Besides us, there were only another group of customers, a group of young adults drinking and having fun.

This is not the healthiest food but it is delicious, cheap and an authentic eating experience. We had ordered too much that time, about 6 pieces each and couldn’t finish them no matter how we tried.

6 pieces each, 18 pieces total with 3 bowls of rice and 2 small bottles of cola and it is only 17,500 won. 

2. Majang Market – a place for Korean beef

I had first knew of this market from:


This is a place for affordable Korean beef, in my opinion. For 458g of A++ Korean beef charged at 43500 won, this is definitely enough for 3 hungry adults. Majang Market is the largest meat market in Korea. We bought our Korean beef from the first store. The owner was in the store next to his so he might be there if you cannot find him. Choose your meat and pay the owner. He was very kind and gave us a 500 won discount (total 43000 won payment). After that, just as written in the blog referenced above, he led us to the restaurant upstairs where we bbq our meat and ate happily. We also ordered 3 bowls of rice. Do note that there is a 5000 won charge per adult and 2000 won charge per child for entry fee (and for using their place to cook your meat). Very yummy indeed.

Total was 61,000 won.

3. Gwangjang Market

I personally don’t recommend this market. Very crowded and noisy. Space was also very crammed. Average food and prices. Perhaps it was because we reached in the evening, near 7pm but it was really a tiring experience to squeeze with everyone. A disclaimer though I did not try all the food available in the market. Maybe I should go back there at a better time to try more food.

Some pictures here:


4. Tongin Market – a place for cheap food near the palace (some fun too)

A market about 15-20 minutes walk away from the Gyeongbokgung Palace selling cheap food in a fun way.

You will first buy your bento box from the man seated in front of the entrance to the second floor for 5,000 won and will be given 5,000 won worth of tongin market coins (10 coins in total). Then, you can proceed to choose any food you want using the coins from food stores that participate in this programme. If you run out of coins, it is alright to pay using cash. If I didn’t remember wrongly, you may also buy rice and soup for 1,000 won (2 coins) each on the second floor. When I was there with my parents, I didn’t manage to go up to the second floor sitting area as it was raining heavily and there was no shelter up the stairs. Cheap and nice tasting enough but not all food are made hot and could be displayed there for quite a while.


I got my food and drink in less than 5,000 won (4,000 if I didn’t remember wrongly).2016-06-22-13-59-432016-06-22-14-22-032016-06-22-14-22-092016-06-22-14-23-00

5. Mangwon Market – a place for cheap street food and even cheap coffee

Discovered this video(in Korean) while typing this post:— seriously, making another trip necessary

But this might be the video(in Korean) that made me visit Mangwon Market:

Although the two videos above are in Korean but they show some of food in Mangwon market as well as the price of the food.



Mangwon market sells really delicious street food and is also famous for their chopped noodles (too many to try in just one trip and only one person). I also bought 3 cups of canned coffee from one of the mini mart shops there for 2,000 won in total (The same one can coffee would have cost about 1,000 won elsewhere.)

6. Myeongdong Street food – for the experience and more special street food

One of the most popular and common places to find street food. Not the cheapest place to eat street food but oh well, for the experience~~



I wanted to try something special like a leaf-flavoured fish cake (3,000 won for one).


Next, I had tried the strawberry mochi (2,500 won for one). So delicious and sweet. It had contained one whole strawberry inside. Yum!


Finally, I had mini fried crabs (5,000 won per cup). There was a choice of either sweet and spicy or something else(non-spicy). I chose the spicy one and it was indeed really spicy but yet so delicious.

It was too bad that I went to Myeongdong alone and could only tried 3 different types of food. They tasted delicious but was more expensive as compared to street food sold elseswhere. However, in my opinion, I did not see the mochi or crabs sold elsewhere so perhaps it was worth the price.

–In addition, also at Myeongdong but at Myeongdong Subway Station, I really like this street food.

The smallest portion of 9 small delicious goodies was at 3,000 won. It was extra yummy as it was hot and had rich, creamy like fillings (something like kaya or cream if I didn’t remember wrongly).

7. Busan Fishcakes – a place to go crazy for fishcakes

This is not a street food or food sold in the market but I consider it a delicious snack food that we can buy and eat anywhere easily.

I have seen this particular brand of fishcakes at Busan KTX Station and at Centum Shopping Mall, Food Street level.

I have seen this shop’s factory being introduced in:


At Busan KTX Station – discount if you buy 6 fish cake balls (separate queue – 1,200 won for one and 6,900 won for 6) and they will put in a box for you. Otherwise, they will put them in a nice plastic bag as seen above.

How the fish cake balls look like inside. I love the potato flavour so much but find that the pepper flavour was too overwhelming for me.

At Centum City – there is no discount here as compared to the outlet at Busan KTX Station. Also pictured together are some of the varieties of fish cake the shop has to offer. Other fishcakes are mostly sold at 500-800 won each.

There are so many flavours of fish cake at this shop and it makes me so excited while choosing them. I really had to restrain myself from overbuying them and never had imagined the day where fish cakes became so tempting till this extent. I had liked them so much that I went to two of their outlets during my 3 days in Busan. Flavours for fish cake balls include potato, cheese, sweet potato, pepper, curry and prawn. Other special fish cake flavours include sotong, japchae and rice cake(tteok) etc.

8. Busan BIFF Street food – a place for Busan street food


Pan fried dumplings set (5,000 won). So yummy!

The most famous food in Busan: Hotteok (1,200 won for one). It was pan fried with lots of oil but didn’t taste excessively oily and filed with lots of sunflower seeds for extra crunch.

9. Amusement Park Street food

I had went to three different amusement parks during my two month stay in Korea; Everland, Lotte World and Daejeon’s O-World. I have to admit that I didn’t eat much when I was at Lotte World and O-World but that was where I started to enjoy more of the amusement park’s street food (hehe but still not a lot though).

Butter squid (3,500 won per packet) at Lotte World. Not exactly very delicious but I wouldn’t mind trying again. I ate this to compensate my lack of time to eat movie snacks.

Hot dog (2,500 won per stick) at O-World. This was my second time eating this sort of hot dog in Korea and I really like this snack too!

Note: there are quite a few other amusement park food which I didn’t try.

I have finally come to the end of part 1 of memories of Korean food. Do look forward to the rest of the memories of Korean food editions. 🙂


Singapore: Pompompurin Cafe

Day of Visit: 9 Jun 2016, Thursday

Time: around 11.30am

It was my best friend’s 22nd Birthday Celebration and we had decided on Pompompurin Cafe! ^^

Pompompurin, the golden retriever, is so adorable and I couldn’t help but snap more photos of it. The cafe is located at Somerset MRT station, the central of Singapore. Alight from the station at Exit B and walk to Orchard Central, Level 4.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-08, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

2016-06-09 11.29.272016-06-09 11.32.172016-06-09 11.33.472016-06-09 11.33.50

Menu2016-06-09 11.34.012016-06-09 11.36.242016-06-09 11.36.302016-06-09 11.38.092016-06-09 11.38.18

If there is the mug icon beside the dish, then it means there will be a mug souvenir to bring home! We can collect a brand new mug when we pay for our meals after eating.

2016-06-09 11.38.522016-06-09 11.39.292016-06-09 11.39.482016-06-09 11.43.132016-06-09 11.43.282016-06-09 11.43.38

The souvenir section. Expensive as expected hence I got a dish with a mug. The mug is rather small and the opening is too narrow to dip food inside. I had saw that the mug was used to collect coins (tips?) at the counter and read from blogs that it was also used to store tubes of coffee packets.

2016-06-09 11.46.592016-06-09 11.47.412016-06-09 11.47.47

Not a very big cafe but cozy enough and decorations are pleasing to the eye. We went early to avoid queuing but the ‘best’ seats were already taken up. We didn’t had to queue though.

2016-06-09 11.47.592016-06-09 11.48.34

Food was delicious and I am not if it was because I was feeling extra happy at that time that everything tastes so good. Pompompurin cup contained some mild spicy sauce for the bread. We had guessed that the one with chili was cake but nope, it was omelette. A yummy omelette to me. 🙂

My friend had tried the Spaghetti Napolitana, $26.99 (before extra charges) while I tried the Mushroom and Bacon Carbonara, also $26.99 (before extra charges).

2016-06-09 11.55.262016-06-09 12.05.322016-06-09 12.08.202016-06-09 12.13.49

Then, when we almost finishing our meal, I had spotted the pompompurin stuff toy and we took photos with it.

2016-06-09 12.25.02

The nicer seating areas are those with enclosed and more private spaces but really, every seating area was really comfortable and pleasant to be at, especially with so many smiling, cute characters around.

2016-06-09 12.43.252016-06-09 12.45.142016-06-09 12.45.45

Finally, our receipt.

2016-06-09 12.48.49

A queue had most certainly formed when we had left.

2016-06-09 12.49.242016-06-09 12.54.292016-06-09 12.57.042016-06-09 12.57.12

Yes, indeed like what my friend had said. Even the plastic bag was a delightful souvenir to bring home.

2016-06-09 13.16.372016-06-09 13.51.28

Yup, it was a delicious meal that I had ate with good friends in a special place called pompompurin cafe. I had enjoyed the food and photo-taking but even so, I doubt I can come here again as the price is really high, more than $30 per person without drinks. Besides, it will not be fun if we had come here too often.

Cheap(er) food to eat in Korea

Disclaimer: I have not eaten any of them but all these places do exist.

Tip: Use Naver or Daum map to find where is the nearest branch from where you are staying (copy and paste the Korean name of the shop).

I have listed some places where you can get fulfilling, cheap and delicious meals that people can enjoy alone. Each link provided below shows you the menu in each food place. If more information is needed, I don’t mind helping to find them (please leave a comment below if such request is needed).

1. Bon Gousse (Rice Burger) 봉구스 밥버거

2. Pomato 포마토

3. Kim Seon Seang 김선생

4. Han’s Deli 한스델리

5. Hansot 한솥

6. 59 Pizza 오구 쌀피자

7. Kimbap Heaven 김밥천국

8. Nipong Naepong 니뽕내뽕

9. Steff Hotdog 스테프 핫도그

10. Lotteria 롯데리아

Other places you may consider include convenience stores, bakeries (e.g. Paris Baguette), supermarkets (they sell proper cooked food there too), local markets, street food etc.

NTU Food

A compilation of the food eaten in NTU (that I have remembered to take pictures of). I will update the details and post more NTU food pictures when I have them.

Some additional points:

  • I find that the food in Canteen 2 tasted the best and is the most conveniently located out of all the other hall canteens.
  • Food posted below are what I personally find more delicious than other food. 🙂
  • Level of deliciousness not in any particular ranking below ^^
  • Numbering below indicates how recent I have eaten it.

1. Canteen 13 or 14 Fast-Food Stall (Heard it has been replaced)

2015-08-20 13.20.30

2. Starbucks at Northspine

2015-09-01 13.53.52

3. Ayam (Chicken) Penyet at Canteen 2 Price $4.50

2015-09-03 13.37.12

4. Chicken with spaghetti at Canteen 2 Price $4+

2015-09-04 11.07.10

5. Dumpling Noodle Soup at Canteen 2 Price $3+

2015-10-30 11.39.29

6. KFC breakfast set

2016-01-19 08.47.46

7. Korean Bulgogi at Quad Cafe (Entire Quad Cafe has closed down) Price $4+

2016-01-19 15.00.18

8. Pizza at the Pizza Shop in NTU, MIA

2016-01-20 13.16.33

2016-01-20 12.58.15

9. Roasted Chicken with Chili and Rice at North Spine Canteen Price $4+

2015-09-01 13.00.48

10. Beef Noodles at Canteen 2 $4

2016-02-24 11.53.43.jpg

11. Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice (That particular shop has been replaced) at Canteen B, Koufu $3.50

2016-02-25 11.27.55.jpg

12. Ramen with Extra Egg at Canteen 16 $5 +

2016-03-29 11.59.40.jpg

13. Japanese Curry Rice with Fish Cutlet and Extra Rice at Canteen 16 $5.50 ($0.50 for extra rice)

2016-03-29 11.59.35.jpg

2016-03-29 11.59.56.jpg

14. Zion Miso Ramen at Canteen 16 $5.20


15. Saba Fish set at Canteen 13 $5